Guest Post: Get the best deals with Montreal flyers

If you are tired of paying the full price at grocery stores while your neighbors are always getting envious discounts, it is time to make the switch and search the web for Montreal or store flyers that will fetch you some great discounts. Basically the term store flyers are used to define discount coupons that can be redeemed at various stores across thecity or even in your neighbourhood. The thing is that you do actually get some amazing prices and offers here.

These store flyers, Quebec Flyers or Montreal Flyers are available online and you just have to get a printout of the same. Some of these are free while others are chargeable or might have a nominal fee. So how do you choose? Well the deal is simple… Pick or buy these flyers on the basis of requirement rather than just availability. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you don’t pick flyers that are available for free! Those are always welcome. You never know when you may need them or even just give to friends or relatives. When going grocery shopping, take the timeout to check out what coupons and flyers are available online, then based on this, compare what makes sense for you. For instance, if you are getting discounts over potatoes and you use these spuds in some good numbers every week, then go ahead and buy some. Always check the date of expiry too. For instance, a flyer may not be of use right now but it can be redeemed at your next visit to the store.

Another benefit of these flyers is that once you sign up for a particular website, you will keep getting newsletters from the same about the deals available and what is the newest. This way you can keep saving up on those coupons and just pick them or print them whenever you are visiting the store next. A tip that I find very handy here would be to keep these in your handbag all the time because it can be really handy if you make an unplanned or unexpected visit to the grocery or departmental store.

Also keep in mind that these flyers are not restricted to just grocery items. You can get discounts on almost anything ranging from medicines to clothes. All of these can picked online. The idea is to have a look before you head of shopping or else you might regret paying the full price for something that was available for peanuts.

So the next time you are planning on grocery or clothes shopping, do remember to check out store flyers, Quebec Flyers or Montreal Flyers to make sure that you fetch prices that are lower than what is available in the market!


Mexican salsas, hot sauces found to contain concerning levels of lead

(NaturalNews) If you enjoy a little extra spice on those enchiladas or flavor with those tortilla chips, you may want to practice more caution when purchasing salsas and hot sauces originating from Mexico. A new study out of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) recently found that at least four popular Mexican brands of both hot sauce and salsa contain noticeably detectable levels of lead, a known neurotoxin, that in some cases exceed regulatory maximums for other foods.

For their study, UNLV researchers purchased 25 brands of imported hot sauce and salsa from local ethnic markets, grocery stores, and flea markets throughout the area. Each of the bottles was shaken for 60 seconds and analyzed for lead concentrations and pH levels. The team also tested the bottles and labels themselves for lead content, as food packaging has been known to leech lead and other chemicals into food.

Based on its analysis, the UNLV team learned that about 16 percent of the hot sauces and salsas contained more than 0.1 parts per million (ppm) of lead, which is the maximum upper limit established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for candies — the agency has not yet established a maximum upper limit for lead in salsas and hot sauces.

According to the data, which was recently published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B, the four offending salsas and hot sauces that tested for more than 0.1 ppm of lead, each of which is produced by a different manufacturer, include:

• El Pato Salsa Picante, manufactured by Walker Foods, 0.23 ppm lead
• Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero, manufactured by El Yucateco, 0.21 ppm lead
• Bufalo Salsa Clasica, manufactured by Herdez, 0.17 ppm lead
• Salsa Habanero, manufactured by Salsas Castillo, 0.14 ppm lead

Also included as an offender was El Yucateco’s Caribbean Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero, which tested in just below the threshold at 0.091 ppm lead.

No amount of lead is safe; these were just the worst offenders
Several years ago, the same UNLV researchers had discovered what was later determined to be unsafe levels of lead in spicy candies imported from Mexico, which is what prompted them to begin studying other foods like salsas and hot sauces. Back in 2006, according to reports, officials actually pulled the tainted candy from store shelves because of the study’s findings, and the FDA later established a 0.1 ppm maximum contamination level for lead in candy.

But the agency did not apply this same limit to other foods like salsas and hot sauces, which may also be a health threat. Though there is technically no safe level of lead in food, a general threshold of 0.1 ppm or even lower seems reasonable to apply all across the board to protect the public against possible brain or other neurological damage. Children, as you may well know, are most susceptible to harm caused by lead poisoning.

“The results indicate the need for more rigorous screening protocols for products imported from Mexico, including an applicable standard for hot sauce,” says Shawn Gerstenberger, one of the study’s main authors. “Without enforceable standards for hot sauces and condiments, manufacturers will not be encouraged to improve quality control measures designed to reduce the amounts of lead and other toxic elements before exporting.”

Gerstenberger and his colleagues are pushing for both the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to establish an array of new chemical safety standards for food, including a 0.1 ppm maximum level of lead for hot sauces. These same agencies are being urged to enforce existing safety standards which some food manufacturers continue to violate without penalty.

Mary Berry: families should eat together

Families are becoming fragmented in modern life and parents should spend more time eating and cooking with their children, Mary Berry has said.

Preparing and eating food together is at the “heart of family life” and meals should be shared as a family rather than consumed in front of the television, the baking expert said.


She added that she had regretted spending time away from her own children while they were growing up due to the demands of her work.

In an interview with the Sunday Times magazine, the Great British Bake Off presenter, 78, said her three children Annabel, Thomas and William, had all been brought up to help out in the kitchen.

“I still think it’s essential for a parent to cook with their children,” she said. “Weighing out the ingredients and learning where the food comes from is educational, but it also helps to place meal times at the heart of family life. We never had dinner in front of the TV.”

She added that she likes to do traditional “granny things” with her grandchildren, such as making, jam, playing board games and taking them fishing, rather than visiting theme parks.

“Family life is fragmenting in this modern age, but it’s up to all of us to keep it together,” she said.

Her daughter Annabel, 42, said her mother had always been a “stickler for meal times” and that the family would eat together at the same time each day, in the same positions at the table.

“Round the dinner table was where the family really connected,” she said. “Sadly, we’ve all got lazier and we’re more reliant on computer games to keep kids occupied these days, but I’m so proud that one of Mum’s legacies is to get families back round the dinner table.”

Annabel told how her mother had insisted on running the salad dressing business the two embarked on together for the first few years, so that Annabel could focus on bringing up her young children.

She said Mrs Berry had described “not being a mother” to her children as her biggest regret, and urged her not to make the same mistake.

Mrs Berry admitted she had been absent for long periods and said “there was a time when I did regret my decision”, but added that to carry on working had been the right thing to do.

She also revealed how her Christian faith had been “tested” when her son William died in a car accident in 1989, at the age of 19.

Rather than “shouting and screaming” about the situation she said she accepted it and looked on the fact he had enjoyed a happy life as a “bonus”.

Healthy Foods: Tips on How to Make Low Calorie

imagesYou don’t need to trade off on the taste when cooking a low calorie formula, all it requires is little sound conformity to your standard sustenance inclination. Appreciate the tasty menu by some shrewd customizing to safeguard calories here & there in your day by day consume fewer calories.


Olive oil is exceedingly useful & getting exceptionally prominent as a cooking medium. Rich in MUFA, Monounsaturated fat, it ensures our physique from awful cholesterol. Olive oil is enhanced with vitamins & supplements. You will find bunches of mixture to suit distinctive formulas.


One must dependably recollect that that displacing is superior to chopping down. Greasy sustenance’s don’t essentially must be cut off or killed from the eating methodology, rather you should decipher how and what to supplant it with. It must be a sound, low fat elective yet still give the same feeling of fulfillment. When you do make updates, do it continuously to abstain from feeling denied. Begin by experiencing the market at a slower pace.


Hung curd dressing is a healthier elective to mayonnaise. Include naturally cut veggies like carrot sticks & cucumber in the skimmed milk ready minty curd dressing & relish the delicious please without any blame feeling.


Including the new products of the soil like fruits, pineapples and berries. To make succulent Desserts and healthier snacks. Maintain a strategic distance from canned mixed bag, which is stacked with calories. Transforming takes away their health profits as well.


You can likewise discover that different records giving low fat diet tips prescribe that you begin appreciating low fat cooking. Planning your sustenance with low fat elements presumably sounds challenging however once you know how to do it.

More healthy Eating Facts – Japanese Food

When considering on logical ideas about lifestyle and durability, the Japanese people are known to be among the top options. The Japanese people has been identified to be among those who have long lifestyle spans; there are conditions that it is not simply because of the concept of conventional historical methods or tricks of elixirs which allow them to stay more time than an inexperienced.


The real key is their interest for work and their very healthier consuming information. To be able to truly understand what the Japanese people does for them to be able to stay a fit and powerful lifestyle with their selected diet, one must first die the thought of genuine raw meals when discussing of Japanese people delicacies. Even the Japanese people know how to prepare their meals, and boy do they do it great!


The Japanese people are known for a reality to eat considerable quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables and veggies. They endeavor on seafood as well as on various meats. So, what makes them different from the rest of the world? Simple, it is the ratios on which they take in their meals. They are able to keep an ideal balance of their types without having to bargain flavor and quality. Among the biggest healthier consuming information the Japanese people have is the point that they are able to merge the basic types and use spices or herbs to their advantage; they use a lot of cinnamon and pickle them as an added appetizer.


The other healthier proven reality that the Japanese people advantage significantly from is the point that they eat considerable quantities of seafood thus is able to advantage most from the seafood sebum. The Japanese people usually stay away from bad fat or soaked fats which is also known as bad cholesterol levels and instead use more of the excellent fat or excellent cholesterol levels which is mostly found in seafood.

Tips to Save Time Cooking Native Indian Food

If you are not very familiar with meals preparation Native Indian meals, you may be under the misconception that it requires lots of your energy and effort to get ready. But that is hardly the case. All cuisines have recipes that take too plenty of your energy and effort as well as things which can be prepared in a jiffy. It is true that Indians usually get ready most recipes from scratch and use substances that are fresh and in season. In fact, that is why Native Indian meals has a flavor that matches none. If you are starting out with meals preparation Native Indian delicacies, you will definitely have lots of recipes to try from which don’t require lots of your energy and effort. Regular recipes that are prepared in houses for meals are easy to get ready and take short time period, as long as you have the substances available. Native Indian delicacies create abundant use of a few basic substances and if you have them ready beforehand, it just reduces the meals preparation more. Here are top tips to save your efforts and effort meals preparation Native Indian.


Onions: This vegetable is widely used in Native Indian meals preparation, whether as a insert, sliced thinly or sliced fine. It is the base for most gravy and is used as an ingredient in vegetable as well as meat and fish recipes. If you are meals preparation Native Indian meals, rest assured that you will be using vegetables a lot. That’s why it seems sensible to prep them. You can peel, cut or smash vegetables and keep them frozen in plastic storage containers to use them in recipes that require them. You will be saving lots of your energy and effort this way.


Garlic and ginger: These are again typically Native Indian substances used regularly in the kitchen. You can obviously get cinnamon and beans insert easily in a can but it is much better to make them at home. Garlic is tiring to peel and cut and it seems sensible to do it in a batch. It is a good idea to have beans and cinnamon peeled and sliced so that you can use them as they are or smash them according to what a recipe demands. Always put cinnamon or beans separately in an air-tight container to prevent them from creating bad odor in your whole freezer.


Dough: Chapattis, rotis and parathas are ready on a regular basis in Native Indian houses. Preparing the money requires a while and doing it every day may be a bit of a hassle. Dough ready from flour and bean can be easily stored in the refrigerator in air-tight storage containers and kept for 3-4 days. Preparing rotis and chapattis with this money is easy and requires a lot shorter period.


Using the stress cooker: Peas take a a chance to get ready and since they are an integral part of Native Indian meals, meals preparation them in the stress pot saves lots of your energy and effort. Cook lentils in the stress pot and then pour the hot ‘tadka’ (ghee, spices and aromatics on high heat) on it to get ready beautiful dals before you know it at all.

Delicious Preparations – Vegetable Flower Bouquet

Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat by John

I told my children this was the “Year of Eating Vegetables.” Since they weren’t excessively excited with that thought, I’ve must be inventive with my presentation. Truly Creative!! Ha! This Veggie Bouquet was my most cutting edges thought. What do you consider?

What you’ll require:

Modest vases, containers, containers or squeezed orange glasses.

Vegetables your children such as, in addition to celery for the stems and lettuce for clear out.

Cream cheddar (discretionary to use as paste)

Bloom molded treat cutter (I utilized one for play batter!) You could attempt these cool vegetable cutters.



You can likewise make products of the soil bundles for those critical eaters.

Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat by Living John

Simple to make!

Just fill the glasses with the celery, and then stick the vegetables on the toothpicks and the toothpicks into the celery stalks.

I utilized cream cheddar as my paste to stay the bits of carrots onto the cucumber bloom. The lettuce leaves are put around for adorableness.

Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat by Living John

Extraordinary action for youngsters!

Serve these charming treats at gatherings as well! My little girl had a great time making these with me. She even took a few nibbles of veggies! Yet! It’s the “Year of the Vegetable” is going really great thus far 🙂

Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat by Living John

Recall this sweet Welcome Spring Tea Party? I want to do this with my charming veggie bundles soon. I can’t hold up!