Nineteenth Millennium Meals And Drink

Eat, consume and be merry! That was the cry of the Victorian times and the people of that period assaulted their foods with excellent gusto! A trend in ranges, kitchenware and kitchen devices, along with the development of canning and meals cleanliness techniques, open up limitless possibilities for the inspired household slave who organised the position of prepare.

Eating was an event in the Victorian house. Even the morning food meal provided a wide range of fresh fruits, scones, eggs, breads and more. From the habit serving of mid-day tea, complete with its own intricate traditions and possibilities to show off the ladies best gold, chinese suppliers and sheets and pillowcases, to intricate banquets joined my noblemen and their visitors there was always something on the oven in a Victorian kitchen.

In reality, the Victorian selection wasn’t really different from what is provided in houses today or at least in the houses where someone still chefs. Beef, seafood and poultry were common and clean or processed fresh vegetables were provided with most foods. Winter and fall foods usually involved satisfying sauces and soups while poultry and less heavy recipes succeeded in the summer time.

Holidays foods were special festivities and called for the best recipes such as Cook Mutton, Chicken or Poultry, Boiled Beef, Stewed Bunnies, Plum Pudding and Mince Desserts. Cooked excellent were numerous and chefs were especially valued for their dessert-making skills.

Most evening foods were provided in programs with raw or baked Oysters a well-known appetizer. The second course provided lotion sauces or simply bouillon along with a providing of baked or broiled seafood. The main course, usually cooking poultry, pork or beef, associated with a wide range of savoury fresh vegetables, clean baked breads, and frequently some rice, was provided by the providing house maid in huge fashion and to the excellent pleasure of those sitting around the table.

The sweet course provided several puddings, cakes and highly valued specialties such as Nesselrode and Plum Pudding. Of course a wide range of parmesan cheesse and fresh fruits were often provided when available.

Wine was not particularly well-known, but alcohol was and remains a preferred drink in Britain. But it wasn’t all alcohol in the Victorian house. Soda and pop, main alcohol, hot tea and, yes, Perrier were also well-known drinks.

Yes, the Victorians liked to eat and consume. We have them to thank for a long term custom of excellent meals provided with passion and a pint of beer!


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