Slow Cooker Tips-Cooking

Slow cooker, also known as crock pots or slow cookers are the counter top, electric devices, which produce and allow for automatic cooking at low temperature. It’s mainly ceramic or porcelain pot with heating, thermostatically controlled enclosed in metal. The Bank has a transparent glass, which is managed by the vapors, which are created by the process of cooking pot. Heating elements shall be placed at the bottom, and sometimes also in part manually, it is poured into a sum.

This is the first time you use the stove and if you haven ‘ t in a few tips you should know before cooking, cool. They will help you get to know them and prevents some common errors. It may seem difficult at first, but believe me, how much free time you want in cooking simple and no wonder he lived without it.

Tip # 1: make sure that the size of ovens meet your needs. You can see, slow cooker cooked foods is now released, and pickled hot vapours juices. If your slow cooker is too small for the heat has not been completely Overfilled food hot vapour pressure stove, in order to accommodate the flow of food is limited.

Tip # 2: the temperature of the food in the slow cooker mustn ‘ be less than 140 degrees. So this is called security temperature because he killed all food contaminants. The low setting on the Crock Pot should produce at least that temperature! If it doesn ‘ t food will be safe. Make sure that your plate is slowly low temperature settings to see if it works correctly.

Tip # 3: never put fill Crock. Leave some space to eat properly. We also put enough liquid. Are you don’t eat too fast and even put enough liquid food may burn.

Tip # 4: do not remove the lid and stir the food during cooking, so that every time you lift the lid on crock pot temperature decreases and its vapors to escape. Slow cooker cooking wood while, as a rule, the temperature is low, but the hot vapors inside to stay and finish the job. If you lift the lid on the slow cooker is useless, and it is basically a cup of regular cooking.

Tip # 5: be sure to not do the food, the chef. If you leave the food on the stove for a long time, will be dry and tasteless, and fragmented and raggy et. Yes, offers the opportunity to do something else, but do not forget the food and dining while the Slow Cooker off,. Some cookers is ready, but the slow Cookers-the food doesn t have the opportunity to automatically shutdown, and sometimes eat, ‘ a set of counters to remind their lunch can tend to forget the place.


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